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Eva Filinis, Counselling Practitioner

Eva Filinis, Counselling Practitioner

Eva Filinis, Counselling Practitioner

Hi, my name is Eva Filinis and I am the founder of Back to Life-Counselling and Coaching. I am a registered member of the Australian Counselling Association, and hold a Bachelor degree in Counselling, as well as other supporting qualifications.

My journey towards becoming a counsellor began a decade ago with a series of events that led to my life, as I knew it, falling apart. For the first time I got to experience feeling “stuck”, “lost”, “broken” and being a Counselling Client. This began my process of rediscovering and rebuilding myself, a path leading me to become a Counselling Practitioner and pursuing my passion for helping others.

“Practice What They Preach”

In saying all this, counselling and coaching isn’t just a job for me, it is a way of life. I firmly believe that to be an effective Counsellor and Life Coach one must “practice what they preach”. So, as I work with my clients to help them fulfil their potential and achieve positive outcomes, I also work on improving myself.

Ongoing personal and professional development is important to me. I stay up to date with the latest research in my field and continue to take life’s lessons on board, learning and overcoming challenges as I move towards being a better person and practitioner. This ensures that I consistently stay “on top of my game”, which means I can deliver a high standard of service to you!

A Fresh, Contemporary Therapeutic Approach

Back to Life-Counselling and Coaching combines the conventional counselling process with a fresh, contemporary therapeutic approach.

While much of my counselling practice takes place in a consulting room, from personal and professional experience, I have found that many of life’s issues can be resolved (or at least better managed) through conversation in less clinical settings over a “cuppa”.

Considering the complexities of individual needs and what makes each of us unique, I offer an alternative option. One that gives YOU the power to choose the environment in which you feel more comfortable to get the work done. Guided by your specific needs, strengths, and circumstances, we will work together on successfully tackling the challenges you face, to help you make changes that will bring you ‘back to life’!

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