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Dr. Jen

Meet Dr Jen May Chang, Chiropractor

Poor Posture Leading to Passion in Chiropractic

Dr Jen May Chang (Chiropractor) started seeing a chiropractor in her late teens due to poor posture. She quickly realised that these postural correction has helped her self-confidence so much so that she was inspired to become a chiropractor to guide the community to reach optimal health – be it pain relief, improving function or mobility.

She is a strong believer in the body’s natural abilities to heal and hopes to guide people to wellness through better understanding of their own body. She acknowledges that the physical, biochemical and mental health can impact one’s wellbeing and therefore works closely with her client to achieve each individual health goals.

Close to her personal experience, Dr Jen (Chiropractor) has a keen interest in postural dysfunction and family wellness care, as well as treating chronic pain, pregnancy and paediatrics.

Chiropractic Qualifications and Professional Development

Dr Jen (Chiropractor) graduated from International Medical University in Malaysia back in 2016. Since then, she has also completed the Competency Exam by the Australasia Chiropractic Council in Macquarie University, Sydney.  She spent a few years practicing in both Kuala Lumpur and Canberra before her recent move to Melbourne.

Dr Jen (Chiropractor) has completed post graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology, SOT, pregnancy and paediatric as well as dry needling. She keeps herself well informed and up to date on the latest chiropractic developments by spending her spare time reading up on research papers. Dr Jen (Chiropractor) is a registered health practitioner with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

Outside of the Office

Dr Jen (Chiropractor) is an avid foodie and enjoys cooking and baking. When she is not at the practice, you may spot her at different local cafes and Asian restaurants around Melbourne.

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Immediate Relief

We’ll begin relief immediately at your first visit, keeping your comfort a priority and ensuring you can return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. After you’re free from discomfort, our principal focus is to provide healthcare that helps you maintain your wellbeing.

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