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Gentle Family Chiropractic Fees and Coverage

Coverage Information

Looking at tabletChiropractic consultations are covered by most health funds under “extra cover”. We also provide a HICAPS facility so that your health claim can be processed electronically on the spot and only the gap needs to be paid by the patient.

Medicare pays for 5 chiropractic visits a year for treatment of patients with chronic conditions and complex care, when referred by your medical doctor under EPC (Enhanced Primary care programme). Check with your GP for eligibility.

WorkCover and TAC cover chiropractic services and do not need medical referral.

DVA patients need medical referral.


Our fees are:

  • Initial consultation: $128
  • Follow-up consultation: $75
  • Concession, healthcare card holders: $70
  • We also offer family discount and other packages for patients needing multiple treatment session.
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Immediate Relief

We’ll begin relief immediately at your first visit, keeping your comfort a priority and ensuring you can return to your daily activities as quickly as possible. After you’re free from discomfort, our principal focus is to provide healthcare that helps you maintain your wellbeing.

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